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Sounding Out Solutions

with Shelly Goudreau, M.Ed, C-SLDI, W.D.P
Educator, Reading Specialist, Coach

Shelly Goudreau

 Empowering Moms & Kids

"Our son began first grade behind in his reading, but Shelly began working with him and within the first few months of first grade he jumped up 4 levels in reading. Shelly provided such a non-judgmental, supportive, and caring environment that gave him the confidence and skills needed to excel. He is now soaring in his reading and actually enjoying it! We are so thankful for the wonderful help he received in working with Shelly!"

-parent of student

You are ready to empower you and your child.  You want to take the guesswork and overwhelm out of reaching success. I am here to help.

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100s of K-2 skill based digital cards, letter & sight word activities, parent guides & more..


in one place!

 These are answers to the most commonly asked questions in my 20+ years of working with families.

Beyond Reading

Confidence building strategies

Strategies to bust limiting beliefs

Goal setting strategies

Time management strategies 

Family Resources + more!

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