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Beyond ReadiNG
Shelly Goudreau, Reading Specialist

Are you interested in how my family is making an extra income flow

from our everyday spending & expenses? 


You can convert your everyday spending and expenses into additional income too.

Let me introduce you & answer some questions...


The Shopping Annuity® is a revolutionary concept that helps smart shoppers convert their spending & expenses into earning.

Whether it is for your home, small business or both- you can benefit tremendously.


How do you
fund it?

The Shopping Annuity® can be funded with a thousands of exclusive products, as well as, thousands of stores and websites that are partnered with our online mall.

Take the Shopping Annuity Assessment to see what you are currently buying that you can earn back on.  Explore other brands and products you can choose for higher return.  


What can
it do for you?

It could give you extra income for more choices: extra vacations, college tuition, retirement or whatever brings you JOY in life.

It is an opportunity to increase your cash flow without getting another job.  

Would you like to view our online mall?

My Story

Although I never imagined using my education & consulting  skills outside the school setting, the universe aligned and here I am.  I'm an educator at heart and this title is not limited to a school setting. I love to educate and empower all ages in ways that can improve their lives.   

My personal story begins as a customer on the shopping site.  As I read and observed upward  trends in the digital world, I learned that the online shopping platform powered by Market America was one that I could invest in.  I decided after much research to leap and learn how to recycle my spending and expenses too! If I was spending money, why not be open-minded and learn how to recycle it back to my family; especially if I didn't need to give up anything I loved!​  The more I learned, the more I felt the need to pay it forward to others- individuals, families and other business owners. All could benefit.

SHOP.COM, powered by Market America, has provided my family with the perfect vehicle to achieve goals that align with our values.   I love educating other coachable individuals how to follow this duplicatable system so they can not only live the length of their life but the width of it as well.

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