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Sight Word Practice
Below are leveled Dolch Sight word lists and flash cards.  Dolch sight words are based on high-frequency words that students in kindergarten through second grade typically would be reading in every day reading tasks.  Knowing these words at a quick glance makes reading easier and more fluent.
I recommend trying multiple approaches to engage your child’s different modalities of learning these words. Also, I highly suggest pairing reading flashcards/ words in isolation with a reading activity so students have practice identifying words in and out of text.
Flash card tip: Tackle only a few each day.  When your child has learned a new word and you can put three checks behind it, give them a big "smiley face" on card.  Soon, you will have a bag filled with smiles!
Creative Ideas:
  • Make words with clay, write in shaving cream and/ create with magnet letters.
  • Rainbow writing- start with one color and ask your child to write and say each letter as they write.  Then, pick a new color and trace again while saying letters and again for three times.
  • GO FISH. Turn cards over so facing down then pick a card and read.  If you read it you "catch it".  If you are incorrect,the card goes back in the "pond".
  • MEMORY: Print out two copies of cards and place face down in rows.  When it's your turn flip two cards over.  If you choose two of the same word you keep the set.  If not, the cards go back face down on the table.
Reach out with any questions!
Below are word lists and flash cards. For flashcards you may want to print on card stock.  I also recommend putting in baggy or whole punching and putting on a ring. 
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